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Our History

Bald Eagle Repeater Association History


Pre 1979:
    The associations roots began when Jay Kennedy, KN3SAS organized a local group of two meter ham radio operators to provide each member with auto patch privileges on 146.94 MHz.

      Jay’s idea was to have ten members at a cost of $20.00 per member to support the costs. The 146.34 / 94 repeater was a VHF engineering repeater, which was located at different sites and eventually ended up at it’s present site which was owned by the Bald Eagle VHF Society, located on Skyline Drive atop the Bald Eagle Mountain in South Williamsport, PA.

      When Jay decided to exit the two meter repeater activity Robert Shearer, N3AFX became the repeater Trustee. Eventually meetings were held at Don Cook’s, W3JVP store on Market Street in Williamsport.


March 18, 1979:
   The semi organized club struck an agreement with Mark Cohen to buy the VHF engineering repeater from him. At this same time an aluminum 50 foot tower was erected. A home made station master type antenna was used with wacom duplexers. The club had decided on calling itself the Bald Eagle Repeater Association and began soliciting membership.

      Melvin Bennett, KC3EH was elected the first club President. John Cooper, WB3JFV was elected treasurer and Ken Frey, WB3HOI elected secretary.


July 17,1980:
    The club received coordination approval to move the repeater frequency to 147.09 / 69 MHz.


November 24,1980:
    The clubs sister repeater received coordination approval for 145.49 / 89 MHz. This also was a VHF engineering repeater. Both repeaters have since been upgraded to Motorola Micor units with Micro Computer Concepts RC-1000 controllers.  Both repeaters have auto patch capabilities.


May 14, 1987:
    The club bought its first Celwave Station Master Antenna.


May 1999:
    The antenna was replaced by a second Celwave Station Master antenna.


      Over the years the club paid yearly dues to the Bald Eagle VHF Society thus allowing repeater trustee Robert Shearer, N3AFX access to their building.

      Eventually the VHF Society gave the building to the repeater association who in turn assumed the state lease. Robert Shearer, N3AFX was the First repeater trustee since the clubs inception.




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