147.09 / 145.49 / 443.05 / PL 167.9

Test Net Preamble

Test Net Preamble
QST, QST, QST – This is the Bald Eagle Repeater Association’s Skywarn Training and Information Net for Thiursday, September 6th, 2012.

This is YOUR CALL SIGN, my name YOUR CALL HERE, and I am located in YOUR LOCATION. I am this evening’s acting net control station. (break)

This net meets every Thurssday evening at 7:30pm local time on the KB3HLL repeater system. Stations checking into the net may use any of the following three machines, all of which are linked to form the BERA system.

These consist of the 147.09MHz and the 443.05MHz machines, both of which are located high atop the Bald Eagle Mountain in South Williamsport, PA, as well as the 145.49MHz machine, which is located just outside of Montoursville near the Lycoming Mall. All three do require a pl tone of 167.9 to gain access.

In the event of a failure of our main repeater, the 147.09 machine, stations are asked to use the 145.49 repeater as the alternate, when possible. This is a low coverage repeater so some stations on frequency may not be able to access this machine. (break)

The purpose of this net is to prepare local Skywarn Spotters and their equipment for actual emergency situations, as well as to provide information of interest to the Local Amateur Radio community. All station with the proper privleges are encouraged to join in.

This is a directed net. All stations will call net control before contacting another station on frequency. When checking into the net, Please give you’re Call Sign, followed by first name and your current location. (break)

Please wait one second after keying your microphone before calling to prevent drops or missed letters. Any stations needing to leave the net after checking in are asked to call net control and advise you are securing. (break)

Before we go any further, Do we have any Emergency Traffic For The Net? Please call now. (break)

Do we have a volunteer who can act as back-up net control station should the need arise? Please call now. (break)

Are there any announcements for the net? (break) (With nothing heard,)

We will now move on to the check in portion of our net. Do we have any mobiles, portables, or other stations operating at a disadvantage wishing to check in? Please call at this time.

All other stations for this net may now check in.

Announce Training Info For The Week (if applicable) then go for a round of comments

Do we have anyone with any further business for the net before we close? (With nothing heard,)

This concludes this evenings session of the Bald Eagle Repeater Association Skywarn Training and Information Net. We have had a total of ______ stations that have checked in in total. We would like to thank all of those stations that have participated. The net is now closed at _________local time and the repeater system is now returned to regular Amateur Radio use. Good Evening, This Is ____________ …. out

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